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Subway Series Episode Six ft. Chidi

All I can say is, "WOW!" What a unique creative to work with. So fluent with her posing and so versatile with executing different moods for different concepts. With this concept, the Subway Series, she did her thing, which made my job effortless. She also does makeup and has good skin, so post-production was speedy and straightforward. I present to...
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Subway Series Episode Five ft. Haley

I had the pleasure of working with Haley Hudson recently on this subway concept shoot I thought she was ideal for. Though we didn't get to shoot it the way I imagined, I have to say that she was impressive nonetheless. The photoshoot location was Rector Street in Manhattan, New York and Wardrobe was a bright yellow Moncler raincoat. This shoot was...
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Subway Series Episode Four ft. Yuli Genes

Episode Four features the multi-talented Yuli Genes. She sings, acts, and also models. I met Yuli pre-pandemic and haven't seen her until recently when we got this photoshoot done. For me, it was just a simple shoot with me going through the motions. For her, we shot late evening after she finished up with another shoot and was working on only one...
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Quickie Photo Session with Alondra Ortiz

Had a job in Miami a few months ago and had a few hours to spare. I reached out to Alondra and she made herself available for a quick shoot. This is some of what we did. Model: Alondra Ortiz @alondraortizz
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Subway Series Episode Three ft. Dynah

This episode of the Subway Series features Dynah Polanco. The focus of this episode was initially supposed to be a lady on the train with her newspaper. Unfortunately, halfway in the shoot, we left the newspaper on the train by mistake and had to shoot the remainder of it using her suitcase as a prop. You guys probably wouldn't have noticed it unle...
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Subway Series Episode Two ft. Morgan Olejarz

The Subway Series is my way of creating content during the winter while not being able to use the nice warm studio space many photographers have access to in NYC. This is Episode Two, featuring the uniquely beautiful Morgan Olejarz. Three years ago, I was introduced to Morgan by a very close friend and peer of mine, Jabbar. We have been in contact...
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Subway Series Episode One ft. Keilahri

The Subway Series is me trying to be creative and efficient with content building, knowing that winter is coming around and having no studio access. Doing this series is one of the solutions that I plan to put into action. This set is Episode One featuring Keilahri. Since moving to NYC, I haven't been able to plant my feet on the ground firmly. I...
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Victoria Fonseca, Kali Artistry and the Streets of SoHo

It started as an orange jacket with a black top, leggings, boots. It ended with just the orange coat. Victoria was down to earth from beginning to end. But I won't get into the details...Watch the video instead. The video reflects her personality, and the images show off her natural beauty. IG. @victoriafonseca
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Ethiopian - Eritrean Empress Ella Shoots in New York City

Just recently, about a week before the NYC social distancing order was announced over the coronavirus Covid-19, I had the opportunity to work with true an African beauty. She is a natural hair Ethio-Eritrean (Ethiopian and Eritrean) Empress that goes by the name Ella. Ella and I have been talking about shooting for months but she lives in Boston a...
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Marisol Sollyluna does Edgy Fashion with Kali Artistry in the Subway

If you have been following my blog posts, you would have seen the story of Marisol 's and I last shoot titled Jersey City stroll with Marisol Sollyluna. Well, this time around, we got to shoot the look we originally had planned to shoot in the photo session before. We did have to improvise, though. It was cold and windy (gusting up to 40 miles per...
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Sierra Schast: Model, Actress, Recovery Coach, Animal Lover & BADASS!

Met up with Sierra Schast for our first shoot. She surprised me at how brave and bold she was. We shot in 30-degree weather on a misty evening by the east river in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The images will speak for themselves
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Couple Shoot w/ Marvin & Jasmine in SoHo

I'm new to New York City and not knowing many models and locations in the city as yet puts me in an unfamiliar place. In Miami, I was always able to pick up the phone, call a few models to shoot, and nine times out of ten times, I would end up shooting within the hour (with whoever is available that day)... but here, in NYC, things aren't so easy....
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Kamini, The Red Boot Farm Girl

On September 9th, 2017, early in the morning before Hurricane Irma struck southeast Florida, Kamini and I decided to we'd do a photo session because apparently we had nothing to do as we awaited destruction. In this set, she sports a Chanel red water boots that just really stood out. We shot four different outfits. Two have already been made public...
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Jersey City stroll with Marisol Sollyluna

Marisol, being a flight attendant, it is almost always a random "meet and shoot" with her. Never more than a weeks' notice and sometimes as little as 12 hours. One thing for sure, when I get that DM (direct message via Instagram) from her, I always jump to the opportunity to create with her. I think we have good work chemistry. She may be the close...
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Vaunter Nation takes over Brooklyn, New York

Vaunter noun: vaunter Someone who vaunts, who brags; a braggart; especially in an excessive way. "He is bold, He is Confident, He is extravagant, He is a VAUNTER." When the Vaunter clothing company approached me to do this shoot, I jumped at the opportunity. The line shows so much promise. Found by Orrett McKenzie, a person that vaunts da...
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