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City Hall photography that tells your story.NYC City Hall Wedding PhotographerEntwined in each other's embrace, hearts pulsing in unison against the majestic steps of the NYC Supreme Court—here, their love radiates with a luminous intensity.


Welcome! If you're searching for a City Hall wedding photographer or an expert in elopement photography, you've come to the right place. As a seasoned fashion photographer with a passion for wedding photography, I bring a unique perspective to capturing your special day. My expertise in fashion photography enhances my ability to shoot weddings from the best angles, ensuring you always look your absolute best, even in candid moments. My approach focuses on angles, colors, contrast, and superior editing quality to deliver stunning, lifelong images. It's important to note that our top-tier editing quality is available for all packages except 'same-day delivery.' Discover how we can make your wedding or elopement memories unforgettable.

NYC City Hall Wedding CeremonyNYC city hall wedding photographer captures candid smiles of a couple before exchanging vows and rings at their wedding ceremony. Based in Manhattan, New York, I bring a unique expertise to capturing your wedding day, specializing in ceremonies held at the iconic City Hall. The vibrant backdrop of NYC, renowned for its deep cultural roots, fashion-forwardness, and architectural beauty, provides a stunning setting for your vows. As your photographer, I am committed to documenting your joy and elegance against this dynamic urban landscape, ensuring each moment is beautifully preserved. Let's make your love story unforgettable in the heart of New York City.


The Ceremony Process at City Hall

  1. Arrival and Security: Upon arrival, all attendees go through a security check. It's vital that the couple, along with their witness, enter together to avoid any complications.
  2. Marriage License Presentation: After security, you'll present your marriage license and appointment information, then you'll receive a number, indicating your turn in the process.
  3. Paperwork and Payment: When your number is called, you'll complete necessary paperwork, sign documents, and pay for the ceremony at the designated window.
  4. The Waiting Area: Post-paperwork, you'll move to a waiting area until called by name for your ceremony.
  5. The Ceremony: Lasting about 5 minutes, the ceremony is swift yet meaningful, culminating in the receipt of your marriage certificate.
  6. Photography Session: Following the ceremony, it's time to capture the day. The courthouse, with its classic architecture, and nearby landmarks like the Supreme Court and Brooklyn Bridge, provide stunning backdrops.

Kali Artistry's Photography Tips

  • Optimal Timing: Morning ceremonies offer softer, more flattering light for photos.
  • Iconic Backdrops: Utilize nearby landmarks post-ceremony to add a distinctive New York character to your photos.
  • Authenticity is Key: The focus is on capturing the spontaneous, genuine emotions and moments of your day.


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Updates to NYC City Hall Ceremonies:

As your dedicated NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer, it’s my pleasure to keep you updated on the latest changes to make your special day as smooth as possible. Here’s what you need to know when planning your City Hall wedding:

  • Appointments Are a Must: To ensure your entry to the City Clerk's Office, secure an appointment ahead of time. You can schedule your visit through the Project Cupid website. Remember, appointment slots open up three weeks prior, typically on Mondays at 9 AM. For the latest updates, consider following the City Clerk's Office on Twitter.

  • Arrival Protocol: On your big day, there’s no need to arrive too early. Just be on time for your appointment. While the office typically adheres strictly to appointment times, they occasionally allow couples to enter up to 15 minutes early, but never more than that. This is particularly important if your slot is at 1 PM, as the office closes for lunch right before and won’t open early.

  • Guest Considerations: Post-COVID, City Hall welcomes the charm of your wedding with a cozy guest limit. You can now bring four special guests to witness and celebrate your union. It's essential that all guests enter at the same time as the couple; security protocols do not permit guest entry without the couple present. Remember, I'm here not just to capture your moments but also to stand as a witness if needed.

  • Extended Marriage Certificate: For those needing a marriage certificate with a bit more detail for international use, you can apply for this right after your ceremony or through a mail-in option. It’s best to verify the latest process with the clerk on your visit.

Integrating these updates into your wedding plans will ensure a day that’s not only memorable but also seamless. Whether you’re eloping or planning a small gathering, I'm here to capture every moment with the backdrop of NYC’s iconic City Hall. Let's make your City Hall wedding unforgettable!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is hiring a random NYC City Hall wedding photographer on your wedding day safe? Check out the NY Times article Need a Wedding Photographer? Try the City Clerk's Office


What are the Marriage Bureau locations in NYC?
Manhattan: 141 Worth St, New York, NY 10007
Brooklyn: 210 Joralemon St # 205, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Bronx: 851 Grand Concourse, The Bronx, NY 10451
Queens: 12055 Queens Blvd #7, Jamaica, NY 11424
Staten Island: 10 Richmond Terrace #311, Staten Island, NY 10301

How much will it cost to get married?
Marriage License $35
City Clerk's Ceremony Fee $25
*NOTE - No cash is accepted on site

What documents do I need?

  • The couple (both parties present)
  • Witness (18 years old or older with government-issued ID)
  • Marriage license (Get this at least 24 hours in advance)
  • Ceremony fee [$25] payable by credit/debit card or money order (No Cash)

*NOTE - Your photographer can be your witness.

If you googled "NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer," it likely means that you were doing a spur-of-the-moment Elopement and did not plan for such things as flowers or bouquets. I suggest you continue reading :)

Can you bring flowers?
Yes, you can bring flowers. If you weren't able to take flowers with you, artificial flowers could be purchased at the souvenir shop, and a variety of other wedding-related accessories could be purchased on-site.

Security: Is it safe?
It's safe to say that the City Clerk's office is safe, as it is among other courts and government agencies. In addition to being in an area with a strong police presence, the marriage bureau also has metal detectors at the entrance.

How long does it take to complete the Elopement?
As you may imagine, the time it takes to complete the process can be unpredictable. I've seen it get done in as little as 20 minutes and as long as two hours. The actual wedding ceremony lasts only 2 to 5 minutes. Everything else is waiting for your turn. Plan accordingly.

Will there be photo opportunities?
Yes! You will have photo opportunities. There is a lit photo studio section where couples take turns to have their pictures taken. Some couples have photos taken by professionals, while others by friends and family. Images can also be taken in the hallway while couples await their numbers to be called for their ceremony. Picture-taking is also allowed during the ceremony. Outside, the Marriage Bureau also has suitable locations that reflect the hustle and bustle of the NYC lifestyle just outside the building. It is a great photo opportunity location for visitors.

So let me welcome you to comb through my gallery... and feel free to contact me with your questions. I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability. If you think I am the wedding photographer that is good for you... Contact me today!

Oh Yeah, My Name is Kali McCarthy :) And it would be my absolute pleasure to be your NYC City Hall Wedding Photographer.

Take a look at the City Hall Weddings Sample Portfolio.

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Shared Moments, Cherished Memories - What Couples Say About Us

Our clients are our greatest advocates. Read their testimonials to understand how we've helped them preserve their most precious memories on their wedding day.

Lou Watson

"Kali was our witness and photographer for our elopement to NYC’s City Clerk’s Office and he made our day absolutely perfect. As nervous tourists to NYC, we really appreciated his calm and reassuring presence and expertise in capturing our special day. Thanks to his talent and professionalism, our wedding pictures are honestly spectacular - we couldn’t have asked for anything better, and we were comfortable and had fun during our experience with him. We feel so lucky to have found him and to have had him as our witness, and we will cherish our photos forever."

Alana O

"Kali photographed our elopement at the city clerk and was amazing from start to finish. He was calm, organised and made us feel so relaxed. He helped to guide us through the day and the photos we have are also fantastic. Would recommend him to anyone!"

Gema B

"Kali is the best! He witnessed and took stunning photos of our New York wedding. Can't thank you enough and a lovely friendly guy as well!"


Choosing NYC City Hall for your wedding combines the ease of a civil ceremony with the unforgettable backdrop of New York City. With Kali Artistry's photography, your love story will be captured in a way that's as unique and timeless as your bond. Connect with us to make your City Hall wedding truly unforgettable.


City Hall Wedding Photography Packages in NYC

Instant Package - $150.00

  • Pictures Taken Before, During & After the Ceremony
  • Full Coverage of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Immediate Rights to All Your Photos
  • Complimentary Wedding Witness
  • SD card provided immediately after the shoot

2-Day Package - $325.00

  • Pictures Taken Before, During & After the Ceremony
  • Full Coverage of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Immediate Rights to All Your Photos
  • Complimentary Wedding Witness
  • Custom Editing of All Photos
  • Digital Gallery Delivered Within 2 Days
  • Option to Order Prints or a Custom-Made Album

Landmark Package - $850.00

  • Pictures Taken Before, During & After the Ceremony
  • Full Coverage of the Wedding Ceremony
  • Immediate Rights to All Your Photos
  • Complimentary Wedding Witness
  • Travel to Any Public Landmark in the City for a Photo Session
  • Custom Editing of All Photos
  • Digital Gallery Delivered Within 7 Days
  • Option to Order Prints or a Custom-Made Album
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NYC street wedding photosCity Hall Wedding Photography NYCCouple doing a photo session moments after their city hall wedding in NYC. Adding the NYC feel to a joyous and romantic event.