Subway Series Episode Six ft. Chidi

December 09, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

All I can say is, "WOW!" What a unique creative to work with. So fluent with her posing and so versatile with executing different moods for different concepts. With this concept, the Subway Series, she did her thing, which made my job effortless. She also does makeup and has good skin, so post-production was speedy and straightforward. I present to you, Chidimma Achebe.

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Chidi Train_0169Chidi Train_0169 Chidi Train_0253Chidi Train_0253 Chidi Train_0138Chidi Train_0138 Chidi Train_0288Chidi Train_0288 Chidi Train_0099Chidi Train_0099 Chidi Train_0110Chidi Train_0110 Chidi Train_0408Chidi Train_0408 Chidi Train_0426Chidi Train_0426 Chidi Train_0439Chidi Train_0439 Chidi Train_0515Chidi Train_0515


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