I am Kali McCarthy, born and raised in Jamaica. I currently reside in Manhattan, New York, which happens to be the perfect place for me to let my wild creativity loose. I believe in everything, every object, every situation… there is a beautiful part of its being that is screaming to get captured on film. Capturing its beauty is the only thing I enjoy doing (maybe not the only thing. I love basketball too).

I enjoy photography as a whole, but my favorites to shoot would be Natural Light Headshots, Fashion photography, and Wedding photography. I am a perfectionist, so expect nothing less. And if I can't achieve perfection, I will forever try to achieve it. The funny thing is, I've always been into the arts. And though photography stumbled into my life a decade ago while taking pics of my sister and nephew. My sister went back to Canada without her camera. She realized just how much I enjoyed taking pics and gifted it to me. 

From then on, I have done everything to learn more about the craft. I am continually educating myself To be amongst the giants. Still far away from it... but I have gained continuous recognition from my peers as a photographer with a vast "upside."