A man kneels on one knee, proposing to his smiling partner on a rooftop decorated with flowers and white drapes, with the New York City skyline in the background. This magical moment was captured by an NYC Proposal Photographer.Magical Rooftop Proposal Captured by NYC Proposal PhotographerA stunning rooftop proposal in New York City, beautifully captured by an NYC Proposal Photographer. The moment features a man on one knee, proposing to his smiling partner against a backdrop of the city skyline. Captured Hearts, Cityscapes: Unveil Your Love Story with NYC's Skyline as Witness

Welcoming you to Kali Artistry, where the heart of New York meets the art of the moment. I'm Kali McCarthy, your NYC proposal photographer, guiding you to capture the essence of surprise and joy in the city that never sleeps. With my lens, I craft narratives of love amidst urban backdrops, turning fleeting seconds into eternal stories. From the vibrant shores of Jamaica to the lively streets of Manhattan, my camera is my pen, New York my canvas, and your unique moments the masterpiece we create together. Let's make your proposal unforgettable. For more insights, check out our blog on unforgettable NYC proposals for romantic locations and expert tips that could enhance your planning.



With a lens that captures the dynamism of New York City and an artistry born from both technical skill and creative intuition, I've carved out a niche in the world of proposal photography. My role as the former head of photography at a top NYC proposal planning company has honed my expertise in seizing those intimate 'yes' moments. Overseeing more than 300 proposal shoots annually, I not only mastered the craft but also imparted knowledge, mentoring photographers in the art of capturing authenticity. I'm dedicated to crafting a comfortable environment for every shoot, ensuring that every photograph echoes your spirit. Plus, I have the honor of having one of my proposal shoots, featuring celebrity WWE Star Daria Berenato, published in People Magazine, highlighting the trust placed in my vision by figures in the public eye. My commitment is to your story, immortalized through my lens with the vibrant backdrop of New York City.

Daria Bernato engagement photos. Two women in a close, affectionate embrace, one with her hand on her cheek, smiling warmly at the other, in a People Magazine exclusive photo.Intimate Moments Captured by a NYC Proposal PhotographerA tender glance shared, a smile that speaks volumes – an exclusive snapshot of love's quiet declaration, featured in People Magazine. Shot by Kali Artistry, elite NYC proposal photographer.

My Photography Philosophy

My philosophy as a photographer revolves around the art of observation and the subtle craft of storytelling. It's about finding the narrative in an expression, the emotion in a gesture, and the unseen moments that happen in a heartbeat. I approach each session as an opportunity to uncover these narratives, to document the connections that speak of who we are at our core. I strive to create images that go beyond the surface, capturing the essence of each individual and the intangible magic of their relationships. My camera is not just a tool but a key to unlocking stories that may otherwise remain untold.

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The Process

  • Initial Client Contact: I confirm availability and schedules a call to understand the client’s vision for the proposal.
  • Location Scouting: Assistance is provided to select the perfect spot for the proposal, with popular options like Central Park and the Brooklyn Bridge.
  • Planning and Logistics: Details such as the exact meeting spot and time are meticulously planned. Communication tools like WhatsApp are used for sharing locations.
  • Capturing the Moment: The proposal is photographed from a discreet distance to maintain privacy. A 'fill in the gap' session is suggested afterwards for more detailed shots.
  • Post-Proposal Activities: If family and friends are present, time is allocated for congratulations, followed by a couple’s photoshoot.
  • Delivery of Photographs: Clients are informed about when and how they will receive their photos, available through an online digital gallery with options for print purchases.

At Kali Artistry, prioritizing your comfort and capturing your genuine spirit are at the heart of every shoot. With my extensive experience as a former head of photography for a leading NYC proposal planning company, I've honed my ability to create a relaxed environment that lets your true personality shine through. My dedication to personal service means I'm there with you every step of the way, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience from our first click to the final shot. Let me make your special moment unforgettable with my expert touch and personal care.


What Our Clients Say

"We were absolutely blown away by the experience and the stunning photos! Kali helped us choose the perfect location in Central Park and helped in planning every detail to ensure everything went smoothly. The photos captured every magical moment, reflecting our joy beautifully. Thank you, Kali, for making our special moment unforgettable!"

— Sophia & James

"The storytelling through Kali's lens was phenomenal. Each photo tells a part of our story, capturing the surprise, the joy, and the beautiful setting of our NYC proposal. It's incredible how the emotions of the moment have been immortalized in these images. We are so grateful to have these memories that we can look back on forever, all thanks to Kali."

— Michael

"Thank you, Kali, for capturing our proposal so perfectly! Your guidance through the planning process ensured that every detail was considered, from lighting to location. The photographs are breathtaking and really convey the love and excitement. We can’t recommend Kali highly enough for anyone wanting a truly professional and caring photographer."

— Elena & Rachel

"From the initial consultation to receiving the final images, the professionalism and personalized service from Kali were unmatched. The process was detailed and well-organized, making everything stress-free. The photos not only capture our engagement but also tell the story of our love against the NYC skyline, which was more than we could have ever hoped for since we traveled all they way here."

— David

Hourly Package for Proposal Photography

$300 per hour (40% deposit required)

Included in the Package:

60+ Retouched Images

Creative Direction

Color Toning

Exposure Adjustments

Image Sharpening

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Add-On Services

Extend the celebration with post-proposal event coverage: $150/hr

Exclusive offer for proposal clients: "Save the Date" photo shoot, usually $450, now $250

Ready to Capture Your Moment?

Embark on a journey where each click is a step towards immortalizing your story. Let's craft memories in the city that writes its own tales. Reach out today for an exclusive photography experience tailored just for you.

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A Moment in Manhattan - NYC Proposal Photographer Captures LoveAn enchanting NYC proposal captured by Kali Artistry, showcasing a couple's intimate dance of love amidst the city bustle.