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Along with Headshots, Portrait photography is one of my standout services. Agencies often send their models my way to update their portfolio... and I absolutely love shooting them with natural light. Enjoy
Migdania Fashion_0512 FinalMelany Train_0272@Reneeflowers_Selena Jutton Taxi_0458Irisa Hotel_0327MacKenzie Salmon WalkingAlondra Beauty Shots_0220Tailor SoloIrisa Titusville_0031 copyMarv & Jazz_0045-IGSoraya_Look4_0134Heather Cafe_0142Amanda @amxndacLisbeth D Line_0354Marv & Jazz_0642-IGMigdania Ital Spot_0178Kylie Fashion_0422OLU Tayla_0827Irisa @ItsirisaKaci Tansey