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A Winter's Tale in West Village: Maria's Fashion Journey

In the brisk embrace of New York's winter, the West Village becomes the stage for a striking display of style. Maria Atuesta, our central figure, steps into the spotlight with a presence that captures the essence of the city's vibrant heartbeat. Her fashion story unfolds on the concrete and cobblestones, where the grid-patterned streets meet the...
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The Seamless Bridge from "Yes" to "I Do": Choosing Your Proposal Photographer for Your Wedding Day

Capturing Love's Journey: The Seamless Transition from Proposal to Wedding Day with Your Photographer As a photographer who gets to work hand-in-hand with wedding planners and amazing couples like you, I've seen a lot of love stories unfold. From the butterflies of the proposal to the joyous celebration of the wedding, each moment is a treasure. An...
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Intimate Echoes: Katherine's Photographic Symphony

In the realm of photography, where visuals speak the language of emotion, I had the unique pleasure of capturing the multifaceted Katherine Amoedo at FD Studio in Astoria. A photographer herself, Katherine knows the dance between light and shadow intimately, embodying the dual artistry of being both the seer and the seen. A Symphony in Sunlight an...
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A Night with Kelsey Short: Fashion in Motion on the NYC Subway

In the heart of New York City, when the hustle of the daily grind simmers down and the subway trains breathe a sigh of relief from the day's bustle, the night paves way for a different kind of artistry. This is the time when photographer and model converge to transform a mundane commute into a runway spectacle. Enter Kelsey Short, a figure of el...
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A Day with Fellow Shutterbugs: My Experience at a Photography Workshop in Grand Central

Hey there, Kali McCarthy here, otherwise known around the photography circles as Kali Artistry. I recently had the pleasure of joining forces with Adama from Little Black Photobook, and fellow photographers Justin and Brianna, for a meetup in none other than New York City’s iconic Grand Central Station. This wasn't your average tourist photo op. W...
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Intimate Vintage: A Cozy Day In ft. Erin O'Hara

Welcome to "Intimate Vintage: A Cozy Day In," a photographic journey that pays homage to the serene simplicity of yesteryear. This series captures the essence of a tranquil morning, wrapped in the warm embrace of sunlight and solitude. Set against the backdrop of a quaint vintage apartment, each frame tells a story of contemplative stillness and un...
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Capturing the Perfect Proposal: A Photographer's Guide to Making It All About Her

Hey there, lovebirds and soon-to-be fiancés! So, you're planning to pop the question and want to immortalize the moment with some spectacular photos? You've come to the right place! As your friendly neighborhood NYC photographer, I'm here to guide you through making your proposal not just a moment but a story captured in time. Let's make sure when...
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From Fashion Runways to Wedding Aisles: Why Choosing a Fashion Photographer Makes All the Difference

In the endlessly evolving world of photography, the lines between genres often blur, creating opportunities for artists to venture into new territories. As a photographer who has journeyed from the high-energy world of fashion photography to the emotionally rich realm of wedding and proposal shoots, I've discovered a unique blend of skills and pers...
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Unforgettable NYC Proposals: Romantic Locations & Expert Tips From A Photographer

Imagine standing hand in hand with your partner, surrounded by the heartbeat of New York City – a place where every street corner, every glowing skyline, tells a story. It's here, amid the symphony of honking taxis and distant chatter, that you're about to start a new chapter of your love story. Picture this: as the city lights twinkle like a const...
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The Art of Shadows in Photography: Adding Depth, Mood, and Texture

Hey there, fellow photography enthusiasts! Today, let's dive into the fascinating world of shadows and discover how they're not just mere absences of light, but powerful tools in our photography arsenal. Together, we'll explore how shadows can magically transform your images, giving them depth, mood, and texture. Understanding Shadows: The Game of...
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Exploring the Exceptional Dynamic Range of Sony Cameras: A Photographer's Perspective

Exploring the Exceptional Dynamic Range of Sony Cameras: A Photographer's Passion Capturing Life in its Full Spectrum As a passionate photographer, I've always been drawn to the intricate technicalities of cameras, especially their capability to freeze remarkable moments in time. One feature that constantly amazes me is the dynamic range of Sony ca...
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Visual Narratives: A Photographer's Guide to Storytelling

Capturing Narratives: The Human Touch in Photography Hey There, Fellow Storytellers! Ever noticed how some photos just grab you and don't let go? That's the power of a story, told without a single word, but with a whole lot of heart. Let’s chat about what makes photography more than just a collection of pretty pictures - it's about telling a story...
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How to be a Successful Photographer in NYC

Being a photographer in New York City can be a challenging yet rewarding career. With a constant demand for high-quality photography, the market can be competitive and dynamic. To succeed as a photographer in NYC, it's essential to be proactive and creative and stay on top of the latest techniques in the industry. Networking is one of the most cru...
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Hungover - The Walk Of Shame ft. Zhane

Almost every adult can relate to this. Whether it be themself drunk and/or hungover or they see first hand a friend that is. This series featuring Zhane Clarke focuses on the "Walk of Shame" that comes attached to being Drunk or hungover. It shows the different stages starting from: Stumbling in from the party to your hotel room. Continued drink...
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Selena's New York State of Mind

Happy to have finally created with Selena Jutton. Selena is a model and photographer. One of the hardest things to do is shoot another photographer. This is because there sometimes are lingering thoughts of if he/she approves of your style of shooting and editing. These thoughts always surface at the most random times during the photoshoot or durin...
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