Vintage Rainbow

April 01, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Vintage Rainbow featuring Parrish and Cyndel. This is my first time shooting a female couple. They both have artistic souls so the process all ended being so simple. After ten minutes in front of the camera, everyone was comfortable and things ran smoothly. They wanted to make a statement with the rainbow socks (which represents LGBT) so we made sure to have a couple of shots where it is bright and bold.



Parrish Cyndel_0029Parrish Cyndel_0029 Parrish Cyndel_0071Parrish Cyndel_0071 Parrish Cyndel_0358Parrish Cyndel_0358 Gabriel & Co. fine jewelry
Parrish Cyndel_0265Parrish Cyndel_0265 Parrish Cyndel_0385Parrish Cyndel_0385 Parrish Cyndel_0099Parrish Cyndel_0099 Parrish Cyndel_0412Parrish Cyndel_0412 Parrish Cyndel_0451Parrish Cyndel_0451


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