Helena's Down Time

February 27, 2019  •  2 Comments

Helena has finally returned to Miami and I was happy that we got to create some art together. With absolutely no concept in mind, we just decided that we would let the environment speak to us and we'll just adapt. And adapt she did... effortlessly. There are two pieces of artwork in the pics that I loved and felt that I needed to get involved.

The style of edit (vintage/classic) was not so much about what I wanted people to think or how I wanted them to react... but was about what the mood in the images says to me. The mood was calm, effortless, cluttered, and NATURAL. Natural to the core... Old film cameras used to give you what you shot and nothing more. No Photoshop, no smoothing of the skin. You get the RAW image of what you saw when the picture was taken. That is something I've always appreciated. Vintage is something I appreciate.

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Model: Helena Ballmann @helena.emilie
Photographer: Kali McCarthy @KaliArtistry

Helena Feb_077Helena Feb_077 Helena Feb_053Helena Feb_053 Helena Feb_043Helena Feb_043 Helena Feb_178Helena Feb_178 Helena Feb_202Helena Feb_202 Helena Feb_188Helena Feb_188


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