Stormy Days with Becky [NSFW 18+]

May 31, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

People prefer not to shoot if there is a slight drizzle in Miami. Even when the photoshoot is covered like under a bridge or in a parking garage where no one gets wet. I must say, there is something about shooting with a model that's passionate and willing to go out in the ocean in the middle of a rainstorm. I had to create a DIY rainproof cover for my camera. And at the end of it all... We are satisfied. Are you?


Becky Rain_381_censorMiami photographer @kali.artistry and model @beckydeeve Becky Rain_407_censorMiami photographer @kali.artistry and model @beckydeeve Becky Rain_415Miami photographer @kali.artistry and model @beckydeeve Becky Rain_371Miami photographer @kali.artistry and model @beckydeeve Rebecca aka beckydeeveRebecca aka beckydeeve@beckydeeve Becky Rain_637 Becky Rain_637 Becky Rain_637


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