Kya, The model that came through

April 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Inspired by Adrian McDonald's work and his attention to detail, I finally decided to put together a well-planned shoot. Instead of just randomly choosing a location and or outfits, I decided to take a page out of @lexonart's book. With this shoot, Adrian and I went thrifting to find outfits and props. The suitcase being the main prop and determined the concept direction we would go with the shoot. We decided to go vintage on a travel set. After getting the plans together, I shopped the idea to a few models but they didn't bite on the idea. Finally, I saw KH's profile on Instagram and thought her look was perfect for the photoshoot idea. I approached her to shoot a basic look to see if she was worthy. I was blown away by how amazing she was at posing and working angles. I decided to ask her to do the set and she said yes. The rest is history.

note: Three of the four girls I approached for that idea ended up loving it and asked to do future concept work with me

Model: KH

Photographer: Kali McCarthy

Location: Miami, FL

Kya Two_0260 Kya Two_0260 Kya Two_0260 Kya Two_0260 Kya Two_0260 Kya Two_0260


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