This gallery showcases the beautiful moments of Aldain and Diala's City Hall wedding in NYC. The images capture the couple's deep connection and the joy of their special day. In the first row, you see a close-up of their hands, proudly displaying their wedding rings. The ceremony images highlight their happiness and the touching moment they exchange vows.
The next set of images captures the couple's tender moments in a nearby park, with Aldain gently holding Diala and sharing smiles that speak volumes about their love. The iconic backdrop of City Hall provides a classic and timeless setting for their portraits.
Moving to the city streets, the gallery showcases the couple's playful and adventurous spirit as they pose in front of the urban landscape. The photos capture Diala's elegance and radiant smile as she holds her bouquet, and Aldain's adoring gaze towards his bride. The crossing street scenes add a dynamic touch, reflecting the lively atmosphere of New York City.
Each image tells a story, from the intimate close-ups to the grand cityscape, capturing the essence of Aldain and Diala's wedding day with authenticity and style.
Aldain and Diala's Wedding_038Aldain and Diala's Wedding_058Aldain and Diala's Wedding_076Aldain and Diala's Wedding_095Aldain and Diala's Wedding_098Aldain and Diala's Wedding_110Aldain and Diala's Wedding_111Aldain and Diala's Wedding_124Aldain and Diala's Wedding_126Aldain and Diala's Wedding_128Aldain and Diala's Wedding_129Aldain and Diala's Wedding_143Aldain and Diala's Wedding_144Aldain and Diala's Wedding_146Aldain and Diala's Wedding_154Aldain and Diala's Wedding_155Aldain and Diala's Wedding_158Aldain and Diala's Wedding_162Aldain and Diala's Wedding_166Aldain and Diala's Wedding_201