Sierra Schast: Model, Actress, Recovery Coach, Animal Lover & BADASS!

Met up with Sierra Schast for our first shoot. She surprised me at how brave and bold she was. We shot in 30-degree weather on a misty evening by the east river in Williamsburg in Brooklyn. The images will speak for themselves
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Couple Shoot w/ Marvin & Jasmine in SoHo

I'm new to New York City and not knowing many models and locations in the city as yet puts me in an unfamiliar place. In Miami, I was always able to pick up the phone, call a few models to shoot, and nine times out of ten times, I would end up shooting within the hour (with whoever is available that day)... but here, in NYC, things aren't so easy....
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Kamini, The Red Boot Farm Girl

On September 9th, 2017, early in the morning before Hurricane Irma struck southeast Florida, Kamini and I decided to we'd do a photo session because apparently we had nothing to do as we awaited destruction. In this set, she sports a Chanel red water boots that just really stood out. We shot four different outfits. Two have already been made public...
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Jersey City stroll with Marisol Sollyluna

Marisol, being a flight attendant, it is almost always a random "meet and shoot" with her. Never more than a weeks' notice and sometimes as little as 12 hours. One thing for sure, when I get that DM (direct message via Instagram) from her, I always jump to the opportunity to create with her. I think we have good work chemistry. She may be the close...
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Vaunter Nation takes over Brooklyn, New York

Vaunter noun: vaunter Someone who vaunts, who brags; a braggart; especially in an excessive way. "He is bold, He is Confident, He is extravagant, He is a VAUNTER." When the Vaunter clothing company approached me to do this shoot, I jumped at the opportunity. The line shows so much promise. Found by Orrett McKenzie, a person that vaunts da...
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Roosevelt Island Fashion Set

Follow the images from top to bottom. First, it starts out as a simple set of pictures, but as you look at each image, especially towards the end, it tells a simple but captivating story. As the video above explained, this shoot was a simple, classy, and yet fashionable shoot. We needed somewhere clean, warm, and quiet to be able to execute this...
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A Cold Night in NYC's Subway

A Cold Night In NYC's Subway. Nicole and I shot a while back in Miami... we ended up not using any of the pictures as we felt rush and unprepared. This time around... meeting up in NY on a very cold day, we decided we had to take the photoshoot indoors... and since we wanted to do street photography, we both agreed on shooting in the subway. This i...
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The headshot session turned into something deep and sexy. It's called “CAGED WITH CONFIDENCE“. Deep words by Yuli Genes complemented by images that reflect her beauty, self-love, self-motivation, self-acceptance, self-awareness, self rejuvenation, her will power, and her gigantic self-confidence. She discusses the Stages to overcoming the challenge...
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Falonia Lindsey Swim Set in Miami

This shoot with Falonia Lindsey was my farewell shoot. The last shoot before moving north to become a New York Photographer and to do NYC style street and fashion photography. But before I left, I had to shoot one more time with Falonia... One last hoorah (however you spell that lol) and we executed flawlessly. Model: @falonia Location: Miami Ph...
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Similarly Different | Britt & Bridgette | Sisters

A while back I did a shoot with a pair of sisters for a magazine. It was accepted and we were asked to hold off from posting from that set. Well, the magazine went MIA (missing) and I chose not to wait anymore... so here... the extremely beautiful sister duo Bridgette and Britt Enjoy and Share
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Melanin Empress enjoying the Sun

When Falonia and I decided to hook up to shoot this concept... I wanted to do it on a rooftop with an industrial feel, but we had no access to any. So we did the roof of a parking garage instead. Hair big and bold, InStyle magazine with Michelle Obama on the cover, Coconut water, royal gold velvet swimwear, and even threw in the Black Girl Sunscree...
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Vintage Rainbow

Vin ta ge Rai nb ow featuring Parrish and Cyndel. This is my first time shooting a female couple. They both have artistic souls so the process all ended being so simple. After ten minutes in front of the camera, everyone was comfortable and things ran smoothly. They wanted to make a statement with the rainbow socks (which represents LGBT) so we mad...
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Helena's Down Time

Helena has finally returned to Miami and I was happy that we got to create some art together. With absolutely no concept in mind, we just decided that we would let the environment speak to us and we'll just adapt. And adapt she did... effortlessly. There are two pieces of artwork in the pics that I loved and felt that I needed to get involved. T...
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Behind the scenes of Alondra Ortiz photoshoot in Aventura

Decided to do some beauty shots with Alondra Ortiz in Aventura on a early Monday morning (Veterans Day). She was accompanied by her manager (Will) who is the owner of Screen Green Studios. This BTS was unexpected... but i am extremely happy with the final product. Shout out to Will for doing this for us.
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She named her kitty Gigi

Valerie, the flexible nude model, and I had a hard time shooting because her Siamese cat Gigi is a master of photobombs. I need to say no more... the images tell the story perfectly. Model: @valflexual Photographer: @KaliArtistry
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