As Is with Evelyn

December 26, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

This concept, As Is, is what I call the absolute truth. There is no editing, no adjustment of exposure or contrast, no color grading, no sharpening, no smoothing of the skin, absolutely no manipulation of the finished product at all: Zero, Zilch, Not a bloodclaat ting. I press the shutter, I transfer it to the computer, and I post. The focus is to get it right on set and in the camera. Makeup has to be on point, her poses, angles, and whatever else to make the concept presentable. 

Model: @evelyn.ellis


Evelyn London_0770Evelyn London_0770 Evelyn London_0766Evelyn London_0766 Evelyn London_0602Evelyn London_0602 Evelyn London_0584Evelyn London_0584 Evelyn London_0808Evelyn London_0808 Evelyn London_0816Evelyn London_0816 Evelyn London_0828Evelyn London_0828 Evelyn London_0868Evelyn London_0868 Evelyn London_0869Evelyn London_0869 Evelyn London_0884Evelyn London_0884 Evelyn London_0902Evelyn London_0902 Evelyn London_0912Evelyn London_0912 Evelyn London_0851Evelyn London_0851



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